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Yangjiang Tianjiao Household Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
China Capital of Knives and Scissors
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Yangjiang has long enjoyed a good reputation for its traditional handicraft articles and hardware knives & scissors production which are most special industries there. After a long time of development, there are more than 1500 hardware knives & scissors enterprises in Yangjiang which occupy more than a half of those in China. The output of daily hardware knives & scissors manufactures in Yangjiang occupies 60% of those in China and the export occupies 80%. The products are sold to Europe, America, Japan and other 100 foreign countries and regions. Yangjiang has become the largest knives and scissors production and export base in China.

After a long time of development, Yangjiang has formed a hardware knives & scissors industry including pen knives, kitchen knives, scissors, knife sets, multi-purpose pliers and mating production such as special steel, plastic, mechanical equipment. There are many famous brands of knives and scissors enterprises in Yangjiang such as Shibazi, Inwin, Yongguang, Shengda, Chule, the Cleverest Son’s Wife, Meihuizi, which have enhanced the reputation of “Yangjiang knives and scissors” and improved the marketing competence of Yangjiang knives and scissors productions at home and abroad. “China Kitchen Knife Center” was settled at Shibazi Group Co.,Ltd in 1998. “China Scissors Center” was settled at Guangdong Inwin Group Co.,Ltd in 1999. “China Knife Center” was settled at Yangxi Yongguang Group Co.,Ltd on October,2002.

Yangjiang was honored the title of “China Capital of Knives and Scissors” by China Productivity Enhancement Center and China Commodity Hardware Productivity Enhancement Center on December, 2001. The first China (Yangjiang) International Hardware Knives & Scissors Fair was held at China Cutlery City in Yangjiang on June, 2002. From then on, Yangjiang holds International Hardware Knives & Scissors Fair at Cutlery City every year which has attracted numbers of famous brands of knives and scissors enterprises to exhibit and sell there. Yangjiang has become China, even World Hardware Knives & Scissors Manufacture Exhibition Selling Center and the Platform of Information Communication & Enterprise Cooperation, which has promoted domestic and international image of Yangjiang. Therefore, Yangjiang has become universally acknowledged Capital of Knives and Scissors.